Built on the fifth-generation platform, the Enphase S230 Microinverter achieves the highest inverter efficiency for module-level power electronics. With its all-AC approach, the S230 simplifies design and installation, and delivers optimal energy harvest. The S230 is compatible with storage systems, including battery management systems. The Enphase S230 integrates seamlessly with Engage Cable, the Envoy-S communications gateway, and Enlighten, Enphase’s monitoring and analysis software.


• Optimised for high-powered 60-cell modules
• Maximises energy production
• Minimises impact of shading, dust, and debris.

Simple and Reliable

• No DC design or string calculation required
• More than 1 million hours of testing
• Industry-leading warranty, up to 10 years
• Transformer isolated

Advanced Grid Ready

• Complies with fixed power factor, voltage and frequency ride-through requirements
• Remote updating to respond to changing grid requirements
• Configurable for variable grid profiles
• Configurable for export limiting

Why we like this Inverter.

Perfectly suited to panels under 285W, it’s a no brainer for pairing up with a quality poly module like the Jinko 260.